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    Testing for Children and Teens

    Initial Parent Meeting: All evaluations begin with an initial interview and parent consultation. This can occur in person or via telehealth, the child does not need to be present for this initial appointment. We will discuss your questions and concerns about your child and discuss what you are hoping to gain from the testing process. In this meeting, we will review the intake questionnaire and I will gather detailed information about your child’s history. 

    Parent Questionnaires: Depending on your concerns and questions, parent rating scales and questionnaires will be provided. These assessment tools are essential in gaining comprehensive information regarding your child’s mood, behavior, and development.

    Teacher Questionnaires: Your child’s teacher will also be provided rating scales to complete; this is to understand their functioning at school and to assess how your child’s concerns present in different settings.

    Review of Records: Records that assist me in understanding your child’s needs include: report cards, prior psychological testing, and school discipline records. I request that these be provided prior to the testing appointment for review.

    Testing Sessions: Typically, children and adolescents will be seen for 1-2 face-to-face testing appointments in the office. This depends on the presenting concerns and the age of the child. Child assessments cannot be completed solely over telehealth.

    Adolescents may be administered questionnaires via telehealth when appropriate.

    Child/adolescent appointments vary in length from 1-3 hours. The appointment times will be discussed prior to scheduling.

    Parent Feedback Meeting: I will meet with you via telehealth or in the office to discuss the results of your child’s testing. This meeting will occur approximately two weeks after the final testing session. This is an opportunity for you to better understand the testing results, discuss recommendations in greater depth, and answer any remaining questions. This appointment is scheduled for 1 hour.

    Child/Adolescent Feedback Meeting: When appropriate, I will meet with your child to discuss their results in a developmentally appropriate manner. This will be done in person or via telehealth depending on your child’s age and development. (30-60 minutes)

    Comprehensive Psychological Report: You will receive your child’s comprehensive psychological report approximately two weeks after the final testing session. This is typically provided shortly after or during the feedback session.

    Follow-up Support: The evaluation fee includes support by phone, email, and telehealth to assist families in implementing the recommendations and finding well-matched treatment providers. If desired, I will also work with existing treatment providers and/or the child’s school to communicate results.